Quality Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners Pretoria

To most people, a home is only as clean as the doormat, and as dirty as the upholstery on the couches. As one of the very best cleaning company in Pretoria, we understand this. We apply ourselves to learning how to deliver the very best carpet & upholstery cleaning in Pretoria. By using the latest cleaning procedures, detergents and tools, we ensure that your carpets and delicate upholstery material retain that original beautiful look that made you buy them at the very first place.

carpet cleaning PretoriaIn any normal home, stains are bound to happen. Someone will spill some wine onto the carpet, your son, or even your friend’s kid might spill some strawberry flavored yoghurt on your white upholstery. Naturally, this would mean countless hours of scrubbing with no guarantee of returning the fabric to its original state.

With our cheap and convenient services, you are assured of getting the job done hence saving you the pain. Stain and spot removal is a skill. If done wrongly, the fabric in question suffers. Our highly trained professionals have mastered this art. They will carry our carpet and upholstery cleaning hence assuring you of the longevity of your investments with each cleaning.

Other than just handling domestic cleaning, we also handle office and commercial cleaning. This makes us the perfect choice for after party cleaning or any rigorous cleaning services especially if you want to give your premises a new lively look without necessarily spending money on refurnishing.

If you are a business, we will save you the pain of having your human resource office employ and manage a team of janitors. If you are a family, we give you a shot at living life to its fullest without worrying about the accidental stains of the carpet and upholstery. We also provide mattress cleaning Pretoria services. Call us today to book an appointment.

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