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Where would we be without the good old iron? What kind of impression would we make on our potential employer if we showed up in a crinkly shirt and tie? What kind of impression would the company make if the boss looked the same way?

Clearly it is age-old dilemma, for the iron, or iron-box, has been around longer than you might think. Read at your leisure, while our professional Pretoria cleaners take care of your household chores:

The iron box, one of the most precious things for people who care about their looks, dates back in to the first century when the Chinese invented a method of straightening their garments. During this time, they used big iron vessels that were filled with burning coal to iron their clothes. The method became popular and soon the Indians adopted it but since coal was not readily available, they used coconut scrub.

Decades later, the widespread technique started experiencing major changes all with the intention of making it better to handle and more efficient. It was not until the Second World War when the first gas and kerosene irons started gaining popularity. The methods spread to many parts of the world and the desire to develop it more was seen. Many years down the line, the electric iron box came in to being.

This iron box was the brainchild of Henry Cole, a new York resident, who in 1882 developed an iron box that controlled its temperature by heating up to a given temperature before using a thermostat to break the current supply. Further developments saw the introduction of steam irons, a Thomas Ceyars inventory, with more still expected to come.

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— Peter Venter